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H1Z1 hits 4m on PlayStation 4, patch ads Duos mode

Published: 11:01, 26 May 2018
Daybreak Game Company
Poster for H1Z1 showing the many customization options for your character.

TheyBreak Games' H1Z1 seems to finally be shaping up into the game it was supposed to be, albeit not quite as the company expected. After breaking the 1.5m PS4 player milestone, the company now has a patch with a new mode and a new record.

DayBreak quickly took to twitter, where they thanked the 4.5 million fans who had a go at H1Z1's PlayStation 4 version since the game launched in open beta. That means around 3 million players have joined since H1Z1's , which is reason enough to break out the bubbly during the day.

The company decided to award the players who've opened characters on H1Z1, so come their next login, they'll find Blue Barbed Hellfire 4-6 sitting snuggly in their inventory. They can also dip their toes in Duos mode, which is pretty explanatory.

H1Z1's new patch also tweaks the mini-map and comes with a host of bug fixes. Apparently, the game suffers from occasional rendering and synchronisation issues, although few if any seem to be game breaking.

It turns out that DayBreak's decision to launch H1Z1 into free-to-play waters has paid some sweet dividends. By now it's obvious PlayStation 4 players have been thirsty for a PUBG alternative on PlayStation 4.

That's not to say Fortnite is doing bad on consoles, quite the contrary. Epic Games' battle royale miracle has pulled off a record April 2018, adding to its trophy room - most money made from additional content, i.e. cosmetics.

Nevertheless, if you were looking for a more serious battle royale experience on PlayStation 4, you're pretty much left high and dry. Brendan Greene and Co don't seem to willing to step away from Microsoft's warm wing, although at this point we're wondering how warm exactly are we talking about. 

Speaking purely from a business standpoint, why would PUBG, whose mobile career seems to have outshone its PC one lately, not open another line of credit on PlayStation 4? There's just no way Microsoft would compensate them for all that loss?

DayBreak Games Military clad man shooting another man on a quad bike in H1Z1 H1Z1

You can check out H1Z1's latest patch notes .

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