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H1Z1 launches on PlayStation 4 with a hefty day one update

Published: 21:11, 07 August 2018
Daybreak Game Company
Poster for H1Z1 showing the many customization options for your character.

H1Z1: Battle Royale has now officially left the open beta stage and is a full release on PlayStation 4. According to Daybreak Games, the BR shooter will continue the trek on free to play with microtransactions as the main source of revenue.

Daybreak Games have announced they were overwhelmed by the positive response from PlayStation 4's player base as 10 million new players entered H1Z1's open beta in just one month. This milestone didn't stop the team from working on more updates in order to keep the momentum, which has resulted in H1Z1's launch and a chunky day one update.

This update brought Battle Pass Season 1, two new weapons, a new vehicle and new paid cosmetics. The battle pass will work similar to the ones seen in many battle royale games after Fortnite introduced them. Players pay $5,49 or €5.49 and get extra rewards as they earn experience through matches. H1Z1 will have another progression line in their battle pass for those who subscribe to PS Plus, although it doesn't seem to be heavy with rewards.

New weapons will include an RPG that will be found only in gold tier air drops and will be the go-to weapon for ruining any car enthusiast's day. The SOCOM Sniper Rifle is basically a M14 EBR and can be found in purple tier air drops in an attempt to add variety to long range shootouts.

The ARV will be the new vehicle - it can fit an entire squad of five and features a hatch on the roof for squaddies to pop out and shoot anyone they see. Chances are higher that the squaddie will get their head blown off though. The vehicle features heavy armour but it is not very manoeuvrable, so while it's a great squad transport opportunity, it will not win any daredevil competitions.

Daybreak Games Picture of a dude in a gimp suit aiming a sniper rifle in H1Z1 H1Z1

New cosmetics include the Viper Starter and Hardline Deluxe bundle. The first one will be cheaper at $4,99 or €4,99, while the Hardline one will stand at $34,99 or €34,99 and will include a premium pass. Both of these bundles will be on a discount until 04 September 2018.

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