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Guild Wars' grateful fan base sends 400 cupcakes to ArenaNet

Published: 17:50, 04 July 2018
Picture of Eve from Guild Wars with a photoshopped cupcake next to her
Guild Wars

Would you believe it if someone told you a 14 year old, almost abandoned MMO's fan base sent 400 cupcakes to the game's developers? Better believe it, as Guild Wars' players did just that, and ArenaNet have confirmed cupcake arrival.

Guild Wars community has started a funding campaign to buy 400 cupcakes for ArenaNet employees over at  about a month ago, when the game's two saints, Stephen Clarke Wilson and Bill Freist, delivered unto us an unexpected graphics update.

Many people didn't take it seriously at first but one month later, the campaign goal of $1850 / €1550 / £1366 was reached. The completion of the campaign, as well as the subsequent cupcake order were by the organiser, Kevin Petit. ArenaNet employees confirmed they received the cupcakes not long after, with Bill Freist even announcing more upcoming changes as a celebration.

These changes should address many a player's storage issues, as the upcoming patch should add a new Rune of Holding, which can be used to further expand Belt Pouch and Bags in players' inventories. This will not only allow players to carry more items on the go, but it will also make mule characters several times more useful.

Another change teased by Freist, also shown on the picture below, is that item rarity will be displayed on icons. For example, you can see that all the axes in the inventory are of white or common rarity, wand and hornbow are both unique or green rarity and the sword next to them is rare or gold item. The "construction dudes" that heralded the addition of new items for many years are not in fact new items, as Freist confirmed they are just developer tools.

ArenaNet Picture of an expanded inventory in Guild Wars teasing the new runes of holding Guild Wars - Inventory expansion and rarity markers

ArenaNet's celebration doesn't seem to end there though as another developer, u/ANET_Laevateinn, announced that there will be more bug fixes coming in the future. Guild Wars may be considered an abandoned game with automated maintenance and rotation updates but it definitely remains a large factor in fans' hearts, as we could very well see with these somewhat minor updates that sparked fans' old flames.

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