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Guild Wars update renders the game's beloved bot obsolete

Published: 12:56, 07 June 2018
Screenshot from Guild Wars showing the legendary I Pull Levers Well bot
Guild Wars - I Pull Levers Well the tiny ranger on the left

ArenaNet devs have continued working Guild Wars in their time off, delivering a new update on 06 June 2018. This update added some quality of life changes, graphics updates and a pre-Searing change that left I Pull Levers Well out of a job.

Graphics updates are continuing in Guild Wars, even though the game has aged surprisingly well, despite not having real updates for more than half a decade. Stephen Clarke-Wilson and Bill Freist introduced an Ultra shadow setting that doubles the distance and resolution of shadows in the game. It also quadruples the amount of dynamic shadows. The advanced button and its function was also altered in the options menu, as fog and haze effects have been adjusted when it's in use. 

The update also performed regular server maintenance and at the same time removed the issue that was causing Guild Wars to increase CPU usage while in background. There is also a new field of view slider that allows players to zoom out more than they could ever before, in order to gain a better view of the battlefield for easier decision making. I wish we had this back when GvG was in its prime.

Chat has also been altered a bit, as there is now an option to show chat timestamps and whispers will no longer be lost when loading maps or switching characters. The chat log's actual size is doubled now and it will not disappear when changing instances.

There is one quality of life update I didn't mention previously though. The Northlands gate in pre-Searing now stays open twice as long, allowing players to open it and have enough time to go through it on their own. This means there is no more use for the legendary pre-Searing bot I Pull Levers Well who normally did the chore so players could pass through to the high level area.

ArenaNet Screenshot from Guild Wars showing the Northlands gate Guild Wars - Northlands gate, feels desolate without the bot

Many Legendary Defenders of Ascalon, including myself, owe I Pull Levers Well a debt of gratitude for enabling us to cross the gate easily and eventually get the title. The bot is already gone, but it's definitely not forgotten. Players have taken to reddit to , with some even asking if it's possible to for it. 

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