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Guild Wars 2 will make more Legendary trinket effects toggleable

Published: 01:17, 09 November 2021
Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 players have been hoping for a way to mute the effects of a trio of Legendary trinkets and the patch that will make their dreams will finally come true is just around the corner.

When the Legendary Armory launched in Guild Wars 2 , it provided a huge quality of life upgrade for the owners of these items but there was always that one feature the players wanted but never got. They wanted the ability to hide the effects of Aurora, Vision and Coalescence. Unfortunately, the devs weren't able to oblige their wish for months but the wait is coming to an end.

On November 9, 2021, the owners of these items will get a checkbox that will allow them to hide the effects of the Legendary trinkets and thus remove visual clutter they may not be particularly fond of.

The reason this change took so long is that implementing the checkbox for these Legendaries was not that easy and ArenaNet couldn't spare the workforce to dedicate themselves to the project as the work on the End of Dragons expansion is still going on.

More importantly, the devs didn't want to implement a quick fix that could cost them a lot more time and effort in the long term. One member of the engineering team, however, had an epiphany and found a new way to solve the problem and it is thanks to this unnamed person that we will be getting the patch so soon.

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 - End of Dragons End of Dragons is soaking up the vast majority of resources at the moment

Once the checkboxes are implemented, players will be able to choose which effects get displayed on their characters, or choose to have none of them.

It's just wonderful to have options, isn't it?

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