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Guild Wars 2 voice acting coming to new fractals soon, story later

Published: 23:40, 25 July 2020
Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet updated the Guild Wars 2 fans with the status of voice acting in the newer content, which was disrupted by Coronavirus pandemic. Recording sessions are back and release windows for voiceovers have been announced.

Guild Wars 2 hasn't had any voice acting in newer content that happened to come since Coronavirus rolled over the world like a fat Arrowhead over an Asura. Players showed understanding towards ArenaNet because frankly, it would be irresponsible to force any groups into a studio and risk a pandemic hotspot just so voice lines could be recorded.

ANet folks and the voice actors involved found a different way to overcome these issues though. The devs created audio recording kits for the voice actors and the first new recording session happened on July 21, 2020.

With that in mind, they have prioritised "the most immediate upcoming content" which is the new fractal. It's not as voice-heavy as a full Living World episode so this is probably why the decision was made that way. A fractal's voiceover can be wrapped up quicker and it can be shipped with voice from the get-go.

Voiceovers for the cinematics in No Quarter and Jormag Rising episodes are the next on the list of things to do while the rest of Episode 3 and $ content's voice work will be recorded in September 2020.

In other words, we will have to wait to get the voices back for roughly two months, at least. While not ideal, neither is the pandemic so we will have to make do with other voiced content in the meantime. It might be a good time to kick off an alt or 10.

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 Vanilla Guild Wars 2 story content can't compare to that of Living World and expansions but it has its moments

Keep in mind that English voiceovers will be done first, after which the French and German VO will be added at the same time.

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