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Guild Wars 2 roadmap reveals next episode and anniversary details

Published: 22:55, 08 July 2020
Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet posted a roadmap that reveals the near future of Guild Wars 2, with some highlights being the info on voice acting in Living World episodes and some anniversary hints.

Guild Wars 2 will celebrate the 8th anniversary on August 28, 2020, and the developers are slowly starting to drop hints on what we might see during the celebration.

While the game was released on 28th, eight years ago, some players were able to play earlier, starting on August 25, 2012, due to their pre-order bonus. For those players, the character gifts will roll out on their appropriate dates instead of waiting for the day of full release.

ANet hinted at something that can't be "neatly wrapped and delivered to your inbox", noting that they will have "some surprises in store as well". It remains to be seen whether this is a figure of speech or they are adding some actual items to the Gem Store. However, they hinted that the gift has something to do with one of the players' mounts as it appears to be "harboring an undiscovered talent".

This probably means we are getting a new mount skill but there is no telling which mount it is or what the new ability will do.

The roadmap also mentioned that the next episode of the Icebrood Saga living story is arriving at the end of July but unfortunately, this one will also be voice-less due to Covid-19 still presenting a threat and the crew not being able to come together for the necessary recording sessions.

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 - Icebrood Saga Guild Wars 2 - Icebrood Saga

A new Fractal will come along in September, while the Festival of the Four Winds will arrive in the first half of August. You can check out the full details on the announcement page.

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