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Guild Wars 2 new episode release date and weapons revealed

Published: 10:27, 15 July 2020
Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet revealed when the next part of the living world content is coming out and the title Jormag Rising leaves little to the imagination when it comes to the subject of the story.

Jormag Rising will release on July 28, 2020, bringing along a new chapter in the story of the campaign against the ice dragon but also the story pertaining to the Dominion and Bangar Ruinbringer. It appears that the civil war is not going in his favour so he might resort to some desperate measures.

Drizzlewood Coast map will be expanded alongside the meta event where players will be able to grab another portion of the Dominion territory. When it comes to the zenith of the battle, players will get to fight another Claw of Jormag.

Mastery progression will continue with the waystation upgrades as you will now be able to use the Medizooka, shown in the video below. Firing a weapon of its size while on a parachute leaves many physics-related questions unanswered but it is a fantasy game so we might as well let it slide.

There are some new adventures where players will get to prove themselves to the eagle, ox and wolverine but while the content sounds interesting, there is a reason players are calling the game Fashion Wars 2.

Therefore, it is highly likely that the new weapon skins will be what hypes the players the most and those include five new Tribune weapons as well as upgrades to Stormcaller and Boneskinner weapon sets. The latter two already existed but they will receive some new effects with Jormag Rising.

Furthermore, there are two new infusions, one of which is the Frost Legion Infusion that will turn your character into a walking popsicle.

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