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Guild Wars 2 is buffing warriors in both PvE and PvP

Published: 10:57, 06 July 2020
Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet are going to release a balance patch on July 7, 2020, with all nine professions getting some changes. Warriors are getting several buffs in PvE and some in PvP.

Warriors should be more proficient in both PvP and PvE after the next update as it contains only buffs for the profession. This is especially true for dual-wielding characters who will get some of the best buffs.

Spellbreaker buffs are mainly meant to make them better in PvE. Some PvE buffs include:

  • Break Enchantments' damage has been increased by 50 per cent and the damage increase is now 300 per cent when removing a boon
  • Loss Aversion's damage has been increased by 50 per cent
  • Dual Strike's quickness duration per hit up to two seconds from 1.5s
  • Counterblow recharge time is now seven seconds, down from 10

There are also general buffs that will work in both PvE and PvP:

  • Brave Stride will now grant stability when using a movement skill instead of entering combat
    • Can be reapplied every 10 seconds, lasts two seconds in PvP
    • Can be reapplied every one second, lasts five seconds in PvE
  • Crushing Blow grants 10 vulnerability stacks, down from 15 but grants three stacks of might for six seconds on hit
    • If you strike a foe suffering from CC effects, the effects are doubled
  • Impale now causes pulsing one-second cripple on top of the torment stacks
    • Using Rip successfully grants 10 stacks of might for five seconds
  • Riposte now causes eight instead of four bleeding stacks on a successful block
    • Bleeding duration down to eight seconds from 12
  • Mending now cleanses five conditions, up from three

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 Guild Wars 2

Just like there were buffs for Spellbreaker in PvE, there are also buffs for Berserkers in PvP and WvW:

  • Savage Instinct is now same in PvP and PvE, using the two-second duration for Feel No Pain
  • Outrage cooldown down to 20 seconds from 25
  • Decapitate power coefficient up from 1.666 to 2.0 (around 16.7 per cent damage increase)
  • Blood Reckoning now causes 33 per cent of outgoing damage to heal you, up from 25 per cent
    • Extends Berserk duration by five seconds, up from two

General PvP and WvW buffs include:

  • Cyclone Axe power coefficient per strike increased from 0.66 to 0.75 (~12 per cent damage increase)
  • Throw Axe count recharge is now 12 seconds, down from 15
  • Breaching Strike power coefficient increased from 0.7 to 0.9 (~22.22 damage increase)

If you thought this is a lot of changes, check out the full changelog on Guild Wars 2 forums which covers buffs and nerfs to the other professions. 

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