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Guild Wars 2 EU servers are back with pretty good results

Published: 15:06, 12 May 2020
Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet announced they have restored Guild Wars 2 servers for Europe and considering the grim expectations left by a three-day rollback, we dare say the final result is pretty good.

Guild Wars 2 servers suffered a massive rollback on May 11, when players found that dozens of hours of their progress over the weekend were lost. Given the time of the rollback's occurrence, ArenaNet couldn't respond immediately. A rollback is scary but it's hard to argue getting the devs out of bed at 3:00 AM would be justified.

Anyway, soon after ANet folks reached their workstations, the EU server was taken down for maintenance. It proved to be a long one as European players couldn't access the game for the rest of the day but the results that came on May 12 made the wait worth the while.

The server came back at around 12:45 GMT and players found their progress from the weekend completely restored. Not only that but the Gem transactions were properly completed as well. According to the official post, all the EU accounts' state was reverted to what it was on May 11 at 2:40 AM PT / 9:40 AM GMT.

In case someone made Gem purchases after that point, they should contact ArenaNet support in order to get it sorted. The same applies to any players whose items may not have been restored.

Overall, from checking my own account and asking players in guild and map chat, it seems that most of the restoring went smoothly as everyone was happy to have their progress back. 

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