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Guild Wars 2 eighth birthday gift contents announced

Published: 06:46, 19 August 2020
Picture of a player character looking at an Exalted map
Guild Wars 2 - What could that big energy reading be?

ArenaNet announced the contents of the anniversary gifts that Guild Wars 2 characters will start receiving, beginning on August 25, 2020.

Guild Wars 2 is going to celebrate the eighth anniversary soon and players will start receiving gifts as their characters begin to reach associated birthdays. The first wave of characters was created on August 25, 2012, when the early access started for those who preordered the game and it is these characters who will receive the gifts next week.

Contents of the Eighth Birthday Gift are:

This pretty much means that we will be able to have Luminous Armour on all of our characters since those who already unlocked skins for two armour categories can now unlock the third. The exceptions are players who for some reason decided to pick the same armour category's skins two years in a row.

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Contents of the Dedicated Dye Kit are obviously dyes but the exact selection is currently unknown and will be revealed on August 25.

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