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Guild Wars 2 balance update to buff banners

Published: 08:47, 28 July 2022
Guildwars 2 - Berserker
Guildwars 2 - Berserker

ArenaNet made a big mistake by changing Warrior banners to boon posts but they are now trying to fix it to some extent.

Warrior banners were technically changed in the latest big balance patch in Guild Wars 2 but the real words we are looking for here are "senseless" and "nerf". 

This sparked backlash among the community, who didn't like seeing banner Warriors turning into incompetent boon bots, with the party barely even feeling the benefits of the supposed AoE buffs. It was further compounded by the crit chance trait being in the wrong line, which was fixed later on.

In any case, the devs have reworked banners once again, albeit in a smaller scope and they still revolve around providing boons but you will at least not have to bother with picking them up anymore.

  • Recharge reduced from 60s to 30s (except Battle Standard)Animation changed; cast time reduced by 0.2s (except Battle Standard)
  • Light combo field radius reduced from 600 to 360. Combo field duration reduced to from 5s to 3s.
  • Pulsing boon radius reduced to 360.
  • Once dropped, banners last for 15 seconds, and can no longer be picked up.
  • Banners no longer grant quickness on drop by default (except for Banner of Tactics in PvE only).
  • Doubled Standards: This trait now grants quickness on banner drop, in addition to its other effects. Clarified in description that boon duration increase only applies to the pulsing boons, and not any other boons granted on the initial banner drop.

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 Swinging an oversized Greatsword remains the Warriors' sole purpose

This group of changes basically removed the ability to pick the banners up and thus absolved Warriors of the need to drag the damn things around barely any to no benefit but there was still the question of their usefulness, which is why the banners received additional functionality, other than just pulsing boons.

  • Banner of Defense: Grants barrier and aegis to allies.Banner of Tactics: Applies stability and super speed (and quickness in PvE only) to allies.
  • Banner of Discipline: Damages and applies bleeding and cripple. This skill no longer creates a light combo field, but acts as a blast finisher instead.
  • Banner of Strength: Damages and dazes enemies. This skill no longer creates a light combo field, but acts as a blast finisher instead.
  • Battle Standard: Damage multiplier has been increased from 1.5 to 4.0 in PvE only. This skill no longer creates a light combo field, but acts as a blast finisher instead.

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 Ok, you can swing the dual axes as well

Finally, there is the change to the pulsing boons, with new durations. Most of them will actually be useful but getting two stacks of Might per pulse is still just laughable.

  • Banner of Defense: Regen (4s)
  • Banner of Tactics: Resistance (2s)
  • Banner of Discipline: Fury (4s)
  • Banner of Strength: Might (10s, two stacks)
  • Battle Standard: Fury (6s), Swiftness (12s), Might (12s, two stacks)

Overall, banner warriors will definitely be better after the update on August 2, 2022, but it still remains to be seen whether they will actually perform well in endgame content.

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