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Guild Wars 2 gives Warriors crit chance in useful trait line

Published: 11:58, 20 July 2022
Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Warriors are usually the butt of the balancing jokes but the latest backlash resulted in a proper fix to an issue that caused uproar.

ArenaNet didn't fare well with the latest set of Guild Wars 2 balance changes as several professions found themselves nerfed heavily while the Engineer enjoyed buffs that flung it to the top of the tier lists for endgame activities. Warriors were among the professions that got hit the hardest, with Banner builds becoming obsolete.

However, the change that particularly stung was that ArenaNet added critical chance bonus to the Arms trait tree, which is used for Condition Damage builds rather than Power builds, which would actually need the crit chance increase. Moreover, the last time Arms tree was viable in Power builds was back in 2012, exactly 10 years before the balance update came along, leading many to believe the balancing team is too out of touch with the profession.

With the latest hotfix, the problem should be alleviated since the devs added crit chance bonus on a trait in the Strength line. Pinnacle of Strength will now provide a five per cent increase passively and since it's a trait that will be active at all times, it won't mess with anyone's builds.

Furthermore, the crit chance increase is active persistently and doesn't require you to have Fury up so it should be even better than what Furious Burst offers.

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 - Warrior Guild Wars 2 - Warrior

That said, Furious Burst will retain the five per cent crit chance increase when Fury is active so if you are feeling creative, you might try to create a hyper-crit build with both Strength and Arms equipped.

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