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Guided Missile Launchers are making a comeback in Fortnite

Published: 21:55, 31 July 2018
Epic Games
Promotional image for the legendary Guided Missile Launcher in Fortnite.
Fortnite: Guided Missile Launcher

Everyone's not-so-loved weapon is coming back for another round in Fortnite as update 5.10 landed, along with Fly Explosives LTM. Epic Games have apparently tweaked this weapon while it was in the vault so it doesn't ruin players' fun.

The Guided Missile Launcher's fuse duration has been changed to 15 from 18 seconds now, allowing for fewer overpowered shenanigans between rockets. Speaking of which, rocket speed has also been decreased from 1100 to 1000 so it will be slightly easier to dodge, but also easier to control. Coupled with the fuse nerf the effective range of the weapon should be greatly diminished now.

The real nerf come in the form of weapon damage though, as it will now deal 74/77 damage to player and 400 to objects. This equals to almost 30 per cent less damage to players than previously and a whole 700 damage less to objects. Builder Bobs all around the worlds will be safe from Guided Missile Launcher's havoc. 

Buildings and player built forts will not be so safe in the new limited time mode though, as Fly Explosives will be all about flying and destruction. This game mode will not feature any ballistic weapons, but rather explosives only, so it's going to be hell trying to build anything when explosives are abundant.

Confirming Epic Games' focus on action over building in this mode are the jetpacks that will also be all over the place, allowing players to bypass walls. I mean, all it takes is a little boost to the skies and a well placed grenade to ruin Bob the Builder's dreams. Guided Missile Launcher will also be enabled for this mode, as well as Playground, but only for the duration of Fly Explosives.

Epic Games Screenshot from Fortnite showing a teaser for the upcoming Jetpack. Fortnite - Jetpack coming soon

Jetpacks found in Fly Explosives will have extended fuel duration as well as increased fuel regeneration rate to provide the maximum fly time. Everyone should come by a jetpack easily enough as they will spawn from Floor Loot spawners. You can read up more on the LTM and the new Guided Missile Launcher on Epic Games' .

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