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Fortnite's Junk Rift item gets temporarily disabled in all modes

Published: 07:56, 26 August 2019
Epic Games
Fortnite's newly added item - the Junk Rift
Fortnite, Junk Rift

Epic Games disabled Fortnite's Junk Rift, it's been announced via their Twitter. The item will be temporarily unavailable in all game modes but the devs did not offer an explanation as to why. More details should arrive soon, though.

Epic Games have been pulling items, weapons and vehicles from Fortnite ever since they released the world's biggest battle royale shooter. The devs are constantly working on balancing, tweaking and adjusting various items and gameplay features to give every player an equal playing ground.

The latest item that the devs decided to remove from the game is Rift Junk which is a decision that will surely come as a surprise to many players, as the item was only introduced a couple of days ago.

Epic Games did not offer an explanation but have confirmed that more details about Rift Junk and any potential changes will be revealed pretty soon. Apparently, the item was removed in all game modes due to an unnamed issue.

"Due to an issue with Junk Rifts, we've temporarily disabled them in all game modes. We'll provide an update when we have more information," it's written in the announcement on Epic's official Twitter.

For those who are unfamiliar with the item, Junk Rift item is thrown like a standard grenade and it can open a rift that starts dumping piles of junk over whatever's standing beneath it. 

Players usually use Junk Rifts to distract opponents or as an effective way to battle against the giant mechs which were introduced in Season 10. Since Junk Rift is one of the items to counter BRUTE mechs, it's possible that Epic are looking to nerf it, since mechs also got nerfed last week.

Epic are probably looking to balance things out so mechs don't get down easily with Junk Rifts. Of course, this is just a guess as we wait for the official patch notes that will confirm the real reason behind the Junk Rift removal.

Epic Games picture showing a character flying Fortnite

All in all, it's always good to see the devs working on things that could potentially introduce balancing issues. You can follow for the upcoming updates.

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