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Fortnite adds Hot Spots for higher loot and Downtown Drop LTM

Published: 10:02, 22 May 2019
Epic Games
fortnite artwork showing hot spots item
Fortnite - Hot Spots

Epic Games have released another update for Fortnite and this time, they introduced Hot Spots, which will add more high-value loot to random locations on the map. Furthermore, new LTM rotations have been added along with Jordan LTM.

The full patch notes for Fornite update v9.10 are here and we're gonna take a look at the new additions that Epic Games included in their latest patch. The biggest addition is Hot Spots in Battle Royale and Creative modes.

With this addition, players will be able to find Loot Carriers on certain parts of the map and shoot them down for high-quality weapons. These special locations will be marked with gold text on the map so you'll be able to spot them easier.

In Battle Royale mode, Epic have added new limited time mode rotations list. Over the next week, you can take part in Sniper Shootout Duos, which include only Sniper Rifles and where downed players are eliminated instantly.

Furthermore, Unvaulted Squads is making a return with a limited set of weapons made up of items that are vaulted in standard modes. Also, Close Encounters Squads with Shotguns and Jetpacks is also available.

Shadow Bombs availability has been reduced along with reduced drop count. Epic Games say that Shadow Bombs are being used in the late game more frequently and by reducing availability they wanted to encourage risk vs reward, meaning that the item's potential remains the same but swapping a spot for it early on is riskier.

Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle has been unvaulted and Combat Shotgun availability has also been slightly reduced.

The new update also introduces Jordan crossover event named Downtown Drop LTM in Fortnite Creative. You'll be able to get the Grind Outfit, Clutch Outfit, and a challenge pack unique to the set.

Creative also gets a new theme named Haunted Hills. It includes several prefab and gallery sets for all your creepy creations.

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The update also brings a lot of bug fixes and you can check for a closer look at that.

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