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GTA Online: Weekly discounts and bonuses, September 15, 2022

Published: 00:24, 16 September 2022
Rockstar Games
GTA Online - Tempesta
GTA Online - Tempesta

Another week, another repetition of GTA$ and RP bonuses and the pipe is still shut in GTA Online.

Drip feed has not continued this week so if you were hoping to find a new car up for sale, you are definitely no in luck.

Rockstar also forgot to update the bonuses properly but at least GTA Online players will get to enjoy a few different highlights from the week prior so it's not all completely stale.

For example, selling Special Cargo will award players with $250,000 bonus and selling it three times will award an additional $250,000 for a total of half a million GTA bucks. Since there are no filters, you can do minimal sales with no risk and very little time invested for easy money.

GTA$ and RP bonuses this week are:

  • X3
    • Hotring Circuit
  • X2
    • Some Community Stunt Races

Discounts this week are:

  • 75 per cent off
    • BF400
  • 50 per cent off
    • Offices
    • Issi Sport
    • Asbo
  • 40 per cent off
    • Special Cargo Warehouses
    • Office renovations
    • Comet SR 
    • Comet Retro Custom 
    • Savestra 
    • Ardent
  • 30 per cent off
    • Armored Boxville
    • Tezeract

Rockstar Games GTA Online - Vigero ZX Vigero ZX is the last bit of drip feed we got

Simeon's showroom vehicles:

  • Veto Modern
  • Peyote Gasser
  • Hellion
  • Issi Sport
  • Omnis

Luxury Motorsport showcase:

  • SM722
  • Tezeract

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