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List of remaining drip feed cars in GTA Online The Criminal Enterprises

Published: 23:22, 06 September 2022
Rockstar Games
GTA Online - Vigero ZX
GTA Online - Vigero ZX

GTA Online has mostly released The Criminal Enterprises drip feed but there are still a few exciting additions we can look forward to.

With the release of Vigero ZX and the Service Carbine on September 1, 2022, we were left with a handful more vehicles that will become available over the course of The Cirminal Enterprises update.

The remaining drip feed vehicles in GTA Online are:

  • Legendary Motorsports
    • 10F
  • Southern San Andreas Super Autos
    • Kanjo SX
    • Postlude
    • Rhinehart
  • Benny's Original Motorworks
    • Sentinel Classic Widebody
    • Weevil Custom
    • 10F Widebody

On September 8, 2022, either 10F or Sentinel Classic Widebody will arrive. Legendary Motorsports had only a handful of drip feed vehicles during the update so players who are anticipating the 10F have had a long wait ahead of them.

There is a good news / bad news situation regarding the car if you are tired of waiting. The good news is that due to the Widebody version being an upgrade rather than a car of its own, it means that 10F will not be the last vehicle that releases.

However, 10F Widebody may very well be so if you are looking for this version, there is still a bit of wait ahead of you.

Rockstar Games GTA Online - Tactical Rifle Service Carbine was also a long wait for the fans

If you're not familiar with the order the cars release in, each week will alternate between the three shops so a single shop can't release cars twice in a row. Additionally, vehicles from the same shop are sorted by the time of release for that particular shop. For example, Kanjo SX is guaranteed to release before Postlude, which is coming before the Rhinehart.

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