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Grounded adds massive bird, water fleas and perk system in its first update

Published: 09:31, 27 August 2020
Obsidian Entertainment
Co-operative action in Grounded.
We found a baseball we can't carry! Yeah!

Obsidian Entertainment have released the first major content update for their tiny survival title Grounded. The update adds new scary birds, water fleas, perk system, crafting items and a lot more.

One of the best games you can play on Game Pass for PC and Xbox One, Grounded, has received its first major content update. The update is now live on both PC and Xbox and it brings several new additions but also a ton of bug fixes, tuning, balancing changes and other tweaks.

First off, visit BURG.L for some brand new daily quests which will give you access to perk system called Mutations. You can earn perks by playing the game and can have three of them active at any time. 

The gorgeous backyard also received a couple of new additions. One of them is water fleas that you will notice during your next dive. Spiders also got a new set of attacks, making them even stronger than before.

Those who love to build and craft will be happy to hear that August content update also brings new crafting additions. Decorate your base with two new fences and table recipes - Spring and Acorn and Grass and Clover, respectively. 

The devs also added one new piece of armour. Named the Marksman Cap, it gives extra bow attack damage so it's a must-have if you love to attack bugs from afar.  Last but not least, a giant bird has been added to the game and players can use its discarded feathers to craft a bunch of new items. 

Obsidian say they will share more details about future updates soon and you can also expect to see a development roadmap, which should give us a closer look at everything that the devs are currently working on.

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