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Grounded goes underwater with all-new Koi Pond update, hits 5m players

Published: 10:30, 11 November 2020
Xbox Game Studios
Grounded, Koi Pond's big a** fish!
Grounded, Koi Pond's big a** fish!

Obsidian have some great news for Grounded players, as the survival exceeded 5 million players and got a hefty November update that takes them underwater.

If there's one thing we've learned about Obsidian's little big survival game, it's that their trailers always pack a laugh or two, just the way we like it. There's plenty of content coming to Grounded too, so let's dive in. 

"This new area of the backyard brings new wildlife, new crafting recipes, and new mysteries, along with underwater gameplay mechanics that will allow players to go deeper than ever before", Obsidian wrote.

Grounded's aquatic explorers have a lot to explore, and the trailer shows a few obstacles you'll meet on your way, like Tadpoles, Water Boatmen, Diving Bell Spiders, which can apparently swim, and the big a** Jiu Fish. 

The update brings a number of recipes to craft, like Slime Lantern, Bone Trident, Pebblet Dagger, Gill Tube Rebreather, and many more. Needless to say, you'll need all the help you can get in Grounded's murky waters.

If you needed more proof of the sense of humour Grounded's team have, then how about the video below, where Xbox Game Studios' Marcus Morgan ended up getting a Burgle tattoo for losing a bet. The bet, of course, was that Obsidian's game will hit 5 million players, and you know how that went.

Grounded is locked and loaded for Xbox Series X and S too, and it runs at 60 FPS on both, with additional full 4K support, improved draw distance and shadow quality on the X. Both consoles come with increased fidelity, HDR support and loading times. 

You can find the announcement here .

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