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Grounded getting Xbox and Steam demos soon

Published: 10:39, 22 May 2020
Updated: 10:42, 22 May 2020
Obsidian Entertainment
Co-operative action in Grounded.
We found a baseball we can't carry! Yeah!

Obsidian Entertainment's latest announcement is as much an announcement as it is a testament to a loving community, whose dedication resulted in Grounded getting a Steam demo in addition to Xbox Insider testing.

"We are truly honored to see the overwhelming response from you, our community, wanting to participate in the Xbox Insider flight that we realized we needed to change our plan", the dev wrote. 

This should be music to the ears of all PC players who wanted to get in on the fun, as Obsidian revealed that Grounded will be taking part in the upcoming Steam Game Festival. 

So, players will be able to experience "a tiny taste" of Grounded's singleplayer as of June 9, 2020, which is when Xbox Insider flight and Steam Game Festival both start. The testing will go on until June 14. 

Grounded is Obsidian's take on a survival game, but this one takes place in a big-little world that's actually a yard. They're not alone in the yard though, which is the part they'll find out as they play. 

In their making-of trailer, Obsidian promised support for pretty much all play styles, be it warfaring, crafting, adventuring or something else.   

Obsidian Entertainment Three players exploring the world of Grounded. If you're gona be shrunk down and fight spiders, best do it with friends.

You can check out our preview of Grounded over here , where Jonathan wrote, "Suffice it to say, Grounded was not the game we expected to see break out from Obsidian's endlessly creative walls. It evokes the same light hearted tone of The Outer Worlds, but without the trappings and scope of a big budget narrative RPG. If this is the kind of game that Xbox Game Pass's business model allows to exist, then the future for quirky experimental titles looks very bright indeed."

If you're keen on partaking in Grounded's Xbox Insider flight, you can learn how from Obsidian's official announcement .

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