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Grim Dawn is getting a new expansion named Forgotten Gods

Published: 08:24, 07 March 2018
Crate Entertainment
Promotional poster for Grim Dawn in shades of red  showing the player's character with a raven on his arm.
Grim Dawn

Crate Entertainment's 2016 action RPG Grim Dawn was generally met with favourable reviews which resulted in several DLC packs, that were also praised by critics and players alike.This prompted Crate to make another DLC named Forgotten Gods.

Grim Dawn is more of your typical old school action RPG, along the lines of Diablo 2. While Diablo III is the direct successor, Grim Dawn is the game that took more hints from Diablo 2 such as a better developed story, darker tone of the game and the gameplay itself is slower paced than Diablo III.

This could be the reason why the game flourished back in 2016 when it was released. After proving to be a successful venture, the game received an expansion named Ashes of Malmouth that found a similar success. This of course warranted another expansion, this time set in burning deserts beyond the borders of Erulan Empire.

Crate Entertainment Promotional poster for Grim Dawn's expansion Forgotten God showing a muscular man armed with a buckler and a scimitar in the middle of a desert. Grim Dawn: Forgotten Gods

On top of quality of life improvements, Crate Entertainment are promising new powers, hundreds of new unique items and Monster Infrequents. Forgotten Gods will also feature a new gameplay mode that will be discussed in the future as well as new assets such as new enemy types and environments. The expected time of arrival for the expansion is the second half of 2018 and more will be revealed on 19 March 2018 in a development update.

Crate Entertainment are also looking to bring Grim Dawn to Xbox One, whose announcement was relegated to a side note. As Zantai said, this is ''big news in itself'' but that's not what he came to discuss on the game's .

Crate Entertainment Screenshot from Grim Dawn showing the game's abundant loot after defeating a legion of enemies. Grim Dawn - If you came for a loot fest, it is safe to say you've come to the right place.

While the expansion received a tentative release date in the form of ''second half of 2018'', the Xbox One port's ETA is not determined yet. The good news is, we will not wait longer than nine months to loot every nook and cranny in that desert.

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