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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint update adds two new modes, solo exploration

Published: 13:43, 09 November 2020
Four players playing co-op in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, looking out over the map.
There is a constant battle between player freedom and the constraints of narrative structure.

Ubisoft are rolling out Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Title Update 3.0.3, which is about to shake up the Ghost Experience with two new modes, changes to enemy modifiers, and a bunch more.

Title Update 3.0.3 has rolled out this morning and takes up around 8GB on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. 

In terms of Ghost Experience, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint players will now get to explore Golem Island's 15 settlements, 50 mysteries and 12 new mission milestones in Solo Exploration, which will be available after completing the No Way Out Mission and talking to Jericho in Erewhon. Enemy levels will adapt to those of your player in the regular mode.

Raid Threat: Critical 

  • Gear Level Requirement: 150 will remain the minimum gear score.
  • Enemy Level: Increased from 260 in Normal to 300 in Critical.
  • Hearts: Player has 4 hearts that replenish over time allowing the player to respawn or revive teammates.
  • Modified Boss Patterns: More enemies in waves, shorter ability cooldowns.
  • Exclusive Loot: 4 unique weapons and 5 titles are being added to the loot.

Weekly Game Modifiers - Threat: Critical 

Every week, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint's Hardcore Mode will get two major and one minor modifier from the following pool:


  • When a player reloads their weapon, ammo left in the current magazine is lost.    
  • The cooldown of each heart is longer, and you have 3 max hearts instead of 4.    
  • No ammo drops for your current equipped weapon.    
  • When injured, a player progressively loses health and can’t regenerate automatically.   
  • All players can only equip one main weapon.    
  • Life chunks are lost when empty, until a player heals.


  •  A player can wound a teammate with their own bullets.   
  •  Time of day is fixed at midnight for the entire week.    
  • Technique gauge recharges slower from all sources.

Ubisoft Ghost Recon: Breakpoint character holding a gun Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, anti-Terminator gun!

Exclusive Loot - Threat: Critical

Ubisoft added 4 unique weapons and 5 titles to the loot table. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint players can loot each boss once per week in every mode. 

Unique Weapons:    

  • M82 | Cerberus    
  • MGL | Quantum    
  • MK17 CQC | Gargoyle    
  • C-SFP | BAAL


  • Heroic Dragonslayer    
  • Heroic Giantslayer    
  • Heroic Kingslayer    
  • Heroic Mindslayer    
  • Heroic Titan

Raid Threat: Low

For Ghost Recon: Breakpoint players looking for a more casual type of raid, Ubisoft rolled out the following:

  • Gear Level Requirement: 150 will remain the minimum gear score.
  • Enemy Level: Lowered from 260 in Normal to 250 in Low.
  • Rules: Enemies visible on the map, cooldown to respawn is shorter.
  • Modified Boss Patterns: Less enemies in waves, longer ability cooldowns for bosses, no second phase in boss fights.
  • Loot: Consists of regular world loot without unique chests.

Ubisoft Ghost Recon Breakpoint Ghost Recon Breakpoint

As for the rest of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint changes, Ubisoft added a number of player activities and tweaked others, while adding mass sell resources and weapon dismantling

You can find the full list of changes on Ghost Recon: Breakpoint's website .

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