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Ubisoft crossover game BattleCat leaks playable factions and more

Published: 17:21, 08 June 2021
Ghost Recon Breakpoint raid sets
Ghost Recon Breakpoint raid sets

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, The Division and Splinter Cell are meeting in Ubisoft's future project according to the leaks and the latest one features more info on the factions.

Ubisoft is apparently bound to introduce a new game that is based on more than one of their franchises and it's a mashup of The Division, Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell. It looks like they are building a universe where all these games coexist, which is not news exactly since crossovers have happened before.

The latest leak involved several images that revealed more about the factions present in the title. Cleaners and Outcasts are coming from The Division games, with the former team's obsession with fire apparently being kept alive in this mysterious new game. 

Meanwhile, the Outcasts will be acting as healers, which is not too far-fetched, given the way they found a way to survive in The Division 2.

On the more tactical side, there is The Echelon from Splinter Cell. These guys will be all about providing intel to friendlies and denying it from the opponents.

Finally, there are Wolves from Ghost Recon Breakpoint, focusing more on brute force than the other factions. These guys will employ additional armour, flashbang resistance and deployable covers to serve as tanks it seems.

Considering the archetypes of these classes, on top of the game modes such as pushing the Package, we are getting some strong Overwatch vibes here so it's quite possible OW2 will have a competitor in Ubisoft's new game.

Ubisoft LMB, Cleaners and JTF together Now we just need LMB and JTF to join the party

The reason we mentioned BattleCat in the headline and then refused to throw the name around in the article itself is that this is the name closely tied to the game but it hasn't been announced officially. It also sounds a lot like a placeholder name so it might be best to tune to Ubisoft's show at E3 since BattleCat is already out of the bag - it's highly likely they will properly introduce the public to the hero shooter.

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