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George Orwell's Animal Farm game announced on the book's anniversary

Published: 13:00, 17 August 2020
Indie Collective
Animal Farm
Animal Farm

Animal Farm is a written masterpiece that is widely recognised all over the world for its simple but accurate language. It is now being translated into a video game through indie and George Orwell estate collaboration.

George Orwell's Animal Farm book was first published on August 17, 1935. Exactly 75 years later, a collective of indie developers working with George Orwell estate have announced a video game based on the extremely influential book.

Considering that video games rise as both entertainment and a way of artistic expression, it is rather fitting to see such eye-openers making their way into the new format.

It will be an adventure game that aims to immerse players in Orwell's story but it will apparently not be linear. The announcement hints it could be something along the lines of Frostpunk as players will need to choose which animals' wishes they will follow as resources are not infinite and not everyone can have everything.

In other words, while some animals' wishes will be fulfilled, the others' hopes will be ignored or sidelined which can further complicate the relations on the farm. 

Players will need to balance their decisions in order to allocate resources, defend the farm and keep the population happy overall. Since the book is a linear allegorical tale, those who read it will certainly find that their own story on the farm can diverge from that where pigs rose up to power and it was hard to differentiate them from humans.

One part of Animal Farm is being developed by The Dairymen, consisting of Andy Payne and Imre Jele. They are collaborating with Nerial, creators of Reigns series, who specialise in storytelling which is definitely something an Animal Farm game needs.

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