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Gears 5 preliminary PC system requirements revealed

Published: 19:38, 08 July 2019
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Gears 5

Microsoft revealed the preliminary system requirements for Gears 5 that are technically not the final word but they should be a good indicator of what to expect once the game is out. Do not get fooled by the low disk space requirement.

Gears 5 Tech Test is coming up soon which prompted the developers to release the preliminary system requirements to let the potential players prepare for the potential hardware restrictions.

The minimum requirements are nothing to be afraid of since they require AMD FX-6000 series or Intel i3 Skylake, both of which should be easy to come by and easily qualify in the lower CPU end these days. Minimum GPU requirement will be GeForce GTX 760 or GTX 1050 while the AMD equivalents would be Radeon R9 or RX 560. Only 6 GB of RAM is needed to satisfy the minimum system specs.

Recommended CPU will be AMD Ryzen 3 or Intel i5 with Skylake architecture and neither series feature too expensive processors, easily qualifying in the mid-range CPUs of the modern day. Similarly, the GPU requirements in this bracket will not be sky-high either with GTX 970 / 1660 Ti on the Nvidia side and RX 570 / RX 5700 for AMD. At least 8 GB RAM will be needed to meet the recommended specifications.

Ideal specifications are listed as well and this is where the big bucks are needed for top-notch hardware. CPU requirement in this bracket is AMD Ryzen 7 series or Intel i7 Skylake. While expensive, they are not NASA supercomputer expensive processors, hinting that either the Tech Tests will not need as strong hardware as the final product or The Coalition really did a good job with optimising Gears 5.

Ideal GPUs do encompass some of the most expensive cards available on the market though, with RTX 2080 or AMD Radeib VII. As you may have expected, 16 GB RAM will be needed for the ideal spec.

Microsoft Gears 5
Gears 5

Regardless of whether you may be going for minimum, recommended or ideal, you will need Windows 10 OS with May 2019 update,

Similarly, you will need only 15 GB of free space on your disk, most likely because we are not talking about the full game here. Expect this particular requirement to go way up when the release comes around.

You can check the requirements in full detail at the official .

Gears 5 is an action adventure by The Coalition and Microsoft

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Gears 5

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