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Gears 5 players getting free progression boosts and 600 scrap

Published: 11:36, 10 September 2019
Gears 5

Gears 5 developers The Coalition are awarding five days of faster progression and 600 scraps to everyone as an apology for the launch weekend troubles. The developers confirmed that they will roll out the rewards in the next 48 hours.

After a long wait, Gears 5 officially arrived on 06 September 2019 to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers while the mere mortals got their hands on the game today - 10 September 2019.

However, not everything went buttery smooth and many players reported major server issues that prevented them from playing the game. Luckily, players who went through this sour experience won't be forgotten.

Gears 5 developers The Coalition today revealed via their Twitter that they will be compensating all Gears 5 Ultimate Edition players and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers for the game's shaky launch.

Players will get five days of progression boost and 600 scrap, which is used to craft skill cards that players were unable to craft as a result of server issues. The rewards should start to roll out in the next 48 hours so look out for it in your inventory.

"As a token of our appreciation for your patience and support during this weekend’s Early Access, we’re awarding 5 days of Boost (Faster progression) and 600 scrap (Craft Skills or Supply cards). Look out for it in the next 48 hours. Thank you so much playing Gears 5," it's written in the tweet from The Coalition.

Gears 5 launch issues were most notable during matchmaking for Horde and multiplayer modes where players reported long matchmaking times and random player kicks. Furthermore, the post-match results were also bugged and in some cases, did not show up correctly.

Hopefully, today's launch of the Standard Edition of Gears 5 won't have any of these issues and players will be able to enjoy the game properly. 

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Gears 5 is available now on PC and Xbox One. Currently, the game sits at 86 Metascore on Metacritic while the user score is on 8.9 out of 10. It's safe to say that players love the game despite the launch issues.

Gears 5 is an action adventure by The Coalition and Microsoft

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