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Gears 5 dev doubles base multiplayer XP for time played in all modes

Published: 02:27, 12 February 2020
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Gears 5

The Coalition's latest update for Gears 5 is certainly great news for the community, especially those with more Character unlocks to go, as the base multiplayer XP (MPXP) for time played has been doubled for all the available modes.

In a post on the official Gears 5 website, the dev confirmed that the time it took to complete a Character's Totem XP objective varied more than they'd have liked. 

Thankfully, after generous reports by the Gears 5 community and some number crunching, they found that the culprit was the inconsistency between MPXP rates in Versus and lower difficulty levels of Horde/Escape on Elite or lower, and higher difficulty PvE play.

"When we deployed Character unlocks via Totems, our intention was for a Character unlock to take approximately 10 hours of play to complete the full set of Challenges. However, we’ve heard consistent reports of the process taking much longer for some players and, after reviewing the data, we identified that the average unlock time for most players exceeded that 10-hour goal", they wrote. 

To address this Gears 5 dev made the following changes:

  •  Base MPXP for time played has been doubled for all modes    
  • Difficulty Multiplier no longer affects MPXP earned in Horde and Escape

The Coalition are hoping that the changes will allow more casual Gears 5 players to maintain a steady MPXP for time played at whatever difficulty they feel comfortable with, rather than chasing XP by picking higher difficulties or specific modes. 

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"For top-end PVE players, we understand this means a drop in your MPXP rates and we appreciate this may be a frustrating change as we seek to make MPXP consistent across all modes. As with before the change, there is still an advantage for playing at an increased difficulty with better chances for higher rarity Skill Drops and increased Character XP", they wrote. 

It goes without saying that Gears 5 dev will keep an eye on any irregularities that may arise from this, and they encouraged the community to keep that feedback coming. 

You can find the post on the .

Gears 5 is an action adventure by The Coalition and Microsoft

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