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Gears 5 celebrates holidays with Gearsmas event

Published: 10:45, 17 December 2019
screenshot showing christmas weapon skin in gears 5
Weapon skin in Gearsmas event

The Coalition have detailed Gears 5's holiday celebration event named Gearsmas. The event brings special modes, holiday-themed items and login rewards.

Gears 5 is celebrating the holidays with a special event named Gearsmas. The event brings several additions including the mode named Jingle Juvies, Krampus Scion skin and 18 weapon skins.

Jingle Juvies is a 20 wave Horde event that features a lot of Juvies sporting antlers and boss waves featuring a lot of Juvies PLUS standard enemies. "Unfortunately, this year some of the Juvies have misunderstood the whole bauble thing and attached Frags to their back instead. Translation: Get ready for a LOT of Poppers," The Coalition warn players. 

As for the Krampus Scion skin, it's actually based on the Warden but to ensure players can access the skin instantly, without unlocking a Character first, the devs assigned Krampus under the Scion Character. Players can earn the Krampus Scion by getting 200 kills in Free For All mode.

Of course, it wouldn't be a proper holiday celebration without some Ugly Sweaters. You'll get to earn 18 weapon skins from the Ugly Gearsmas Weapon Skin set. Get these by completing 100 Waves of Jingle Juvies during the Gearsmas event. You can see one of the skins in the image above.

On top of these sweet earnable rewards, the Gearsmas gifts keep on rolling down the chimney with four extra items simply for logging in. Hop onto Gears 5 from the launch of Gearsmas event until 02 January 2020 to claim one of the four rewards: Gearsmas Jack Character Skin, Gearsmas Bloodspray, Gearsmas Mark, Gearsmas Banner. You can see theses in the image below.

The Coalition artwork showing gears 5 Gearsmas login rewards Gearsmas login rewards

You can find more details about Gearsmas and upcoming changes in  . Gears 5 is available on PC and Xbox One.

Gears 5 is an action adventure by The Coalition and Microsoft

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