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Gears 5 will have recoil-based gunplay but no RNG or Season Pass

Published: 13:11, 15 July 2019
Gears 5

Gears 5 has made a huge symbolic circle to be reunited with The Coalition's head honcho Rod Fergusson and the studio have recently had a multiplayer reveal, where they confirmed a few features, such as 60Hz servers, no Season Pass, etc.

Server tick rates stand for how many times a server communicates with a client per second and are therefore given in Hertz (Hz).

In comparison, Fortnite's servers started out with tick rate that could go as low as 8Hz, but 30Hz is considered to be the lowest acceptable rate when it comes to fast-paced shooters.

Gears 5 will, however, launch with 60Hz servers, so Microsoft and The Coalition are obviously going all out to ensure the game's multiplayer offers the best possible experience. 

Speaking of the best possible experience, all the Gears 5 purchases will be direct ones and with no RNG involved, which is a nice way of saying there will be no loot boxes.

Given the recent renewal of interest to remove predatory gambling practices from gaming in the UK and US, this is likely to save The Coalition development time down the line, not to mention that Gears 5 will not treat its players as glorified wallets.

There will be no Gear Packs but what Gears 5 will offer is exclusive earnable content, which you will earn by playing rather than paying, and free matchmaking and private maps.

Gears 5 will have recoil-based gunplay, hit markers and kill cams, as well as universal weapon tuning, but Microsoft and The Coalition decided against including a Season Pass.

We can't say we're overly fond of the Season Pass model in paid games, especially full-priced AAA releases, but some players seem to have grown so accustomed to it they're clamouring for the two to add it to the game. Thankfully, they seem to be a minority.

Microsoft Gears 5
Gears 5

Gears 5's developer has recently confirmed that all references to have been removed from the game, which we think it's actually a great decision as it was about time we stopped giving free advertisements to one of the most unhealthy industries ever.

Gears 5 is an action adventure by The Coalition and Microsoft

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Gears 5

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