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Gears 5 update tunes Flashbangs, EU connections, adds new events

Published: 10:01, 08 October 2019
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It is time for Gears 5's weekly changes and The Coalition have quite a few lined up, starting with Flashbangs, which the community deemed too over the top. There are also new events as well as a connection tweak for players in the EU.

The Coalition themselves call it "arguably the biggest piece of feedback" they've received thus far, so it's obviously been quite an issue for Gears 5 players. 

"Flashbangs are intended to fulfil the role Smokes used to fill in Gears 2 - 4 as a way to flush opponents from strong defensive positions and force the fight. This is a critical part of what allows modern Gears to work, but not at the sake of a good gameplay experience", they wrote.

So, the changes that are landing today, Tuesday 08 October 2019, will be slashing Flashbang's blind duration from 1s to 0.3 seconds. Gears 5 players should know the stun length remains the same, but the severely shorter window to exploit a player's blindness means that chucking Flashbangs will no longer be as powerful.

Another update scheduled for mid-October will remove the ability for Flashes to work through cover - yet another change that hopes to prevent players from throwing them willy nilly and still getting rewarded.

Gears 5 players are being encouraged to use more Smokes, i.e. smoke grenades, which is why they'll now spawn with a Smoke by default. Selecting Flashes should be done before spawning. 

The Coalition deployed a silent Gears 5 update on Friday after finding the cause for higher ping times in the EU, and it seems to be working so far. The issue has apparently been with the new matchmaking system but the good news is that other regions, such as South Africa, will benefit from the fix soon.  

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"This week’s Hive is called The Wanderer, named after the invulnerable (yes, literally un-killable!) Mulcher Scion that walks the halls of Hive. As you navigate towards the exit, you’ll need to work around this unstoppable threat in order to get out – if he makes it onto the Helipad, there’s no escape", The Coalition wrote about the new Hive. 

This weekend, Gears 5 players are being treated to Double Escape Character XP, which lets you level up fast in Escape from 12 October at 2am PT to 10pm PT on Monday 14 October. Boost Double Tour Stars are also running at the same time.

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Gears 5

Last but not least is Gnashers Only KOTH, which has been added as Gears 5 featured Versus playlist. 

You can learn more in the .

Gears 5 is an action adventure by The Coalition and Microsoft

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