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Gears 5 developer says micro-transactions are work in progress

Published: 17:24, 30 September 2019
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Gears 5

It seems that not all Gears 5 players are happy with how The Coalition handled the grind or the game's micro-transactions and a few got a reply by the studio head, Rod Fergusson himself, who insists that Gears 5 is still a work in progress.

Although the post that Fergusson was responding to has since seemingly been removed, his and other responses clearly show that the Gears 5 player in question was ticked off with the high pricing on some of the items. There was also some concern over how many things have to be paid for, but the GearsViking's response was pretty clear. 

"The majority of content is free in Supply Drops (free for playing) and in the Tour of Duty (medals and objectives). This is more free content than Gears 4. And with quarterly Operations giving even more free content including maps and modes", he wrote. 

Thankfully, and this is good news for Gears 5 fans, The Coalition's studio head said they're just getting started, so expect a lot more paid and free content down the line. 

One player agreed, claiming the gameplay part of Gears 5 is the "best it's been in years" but that the pricing is ridiculous, arguing that characters and executions are pretty much everything players want. 

Nevertheless, Fergusson reminded that the game is still work in progress and that Coalition is not immune to mistakes. "We're learning and improving as we go. There's no magic wand here. Even small changes take time to create content and design skills and Ultimates", he said.

Ultimately, many users seem to think that the dev is intentionally keeping the best stuff locked behind paywalls, while others think it's not a big deal.

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As for the game itself, Gears 5 has taken a week to and currently holds the title of the biggest Xbox Game Studios launch in this generation, although being included in the Xbox Game Pass offer helped with numbers somewhat. They're likely to encounter plenty of competition from inside the XGS, though, as Microsoft now have quite a few heavy hitters in their midst. 

You can find Fergusson's tweets

Gears 5 is an action adventure by The Coalition and Microsoft

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