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Gears 5 is adding free for all mode, new heroes and maps

Published: 08:42, 26 November 2019
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Gears 5

Gears 5 will introduce a brand new multiplayer mode on 11 December 2019. It's a free for all mode, aptly named Operation 2: Free for All and it brings two new heroes along with new maps and additional modes.

Gears 5 developers The Coaliting have announced a major new update for their shooter. In the latest "What's Up" post on their official blog, the devs detailed the upcoming additions, and it's safe to say that players will be pleased with the amount of content that is just around the corner.

Named Operation 2: Free for All, the update is scheduled to arrive on 11 December 2019, bringing new game modes, new maps and two new heroes. As the name of the update suggests, one of the new game modes is Free for All but The Coalition decided to keep other modes under the wraps. 

The details on the new maps are pretty scarce but the devs say that a full reveal and detailed info is coming sometime next week. As for the new characters, Free For All will be joined by the arrival of Heroes Lizzie Carmine and Baird.

Operation 2: Free for All is not the only bit of content that is coming to Gears 5 soon. Players will also get a special Thanksgibbing event, free boosts and rewards. Here's the breakdown of the upcoming additions:

  • Operation 2: Free For All
  • Thanksgibbing is back and crazier than ever
  • Boost Double Stars + Free Boost this Thanksgiving weekend
  • Division Reward Week: Lancer
  • Weekly Store and Supply Drop
  • Escalation Mode Update
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2019 Out Now

Those who log-in during the Thanksgibbing weekend will also get special Turkey-themed goodies and those who play during Boost Double Starts event for Thanksgibbing will get a free Cluckshot Boomshot Weapon Skin, Turkey Animal Mark, Cooked Turkey Mark and a Turkey Leg Mark.

You can find more details about all these items and additions in .

Gears 5 is an action adventure by The Coalition and Microsoft

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