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Gears 5 quitters to be banned for two years

Published: 13:33, 14 October 2019
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Gears 5

Gears 5 developers, The Coalition Studio, are coming down hard on players who quit activities in the game. Repeat offences can lead to a two-year-long suspension.

Coalition came out firing on all cylinders recently, threatening to ban anyone who quits Gears 5 activities. This is not that much of an issue at first but the punishment severity ramps up as players keep misbehaving.

They didn't just come crashing down on everyone, taking the game in the process as it may sound at first but it is quite clear they are done with leniency. In the official announcement, the developers said that people have been receiving penalties that last from one month to one year, depending on their prior behaviour.

However, the last bit of looking through the players' fingers was to as it appears they were the warning shot. Those who were punished will still be one strike away from an actual ban though, so keep that in mind. 

The decision has certainly been divisive among the community. While some fans are glad they will not have to deal with leavers anymore, others are concerned about having to literally exclude everything else in their life for the duration of Gears 5 session.

Keep in mind that the bans refer only to the PvP segment of Gears 5. You are not likely to get banned for leaving a solo session, as that would just be absurd. 

Gears 5 is an action adventure by The Coalition and Microsoft

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Gears 5

On the other hand, teammates that lose one are certain to have their experience ruined so it's not so odd that drastic consequences of leaving were met with drastic measures to prevent them.

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