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Tim Schafer talks about Full Throttle remaster

Published: 10:40, 21 March 2017
Full Throttle Remastered

20 minute Twitch interview with Tim Schafer regarding the upcoming Full Throttle remaster

There is an almost tangible air of unease every time the term "remaster" and the name "Lucas" show up within the same train of thought. Luckly, this time the talk is referring to an old LucasArts adventure and the remaster in question is just that, a graphical push-up for Full Throttle - without major intervention into the core game itself.

Twitch Tim Schafer Tim Schafer

Tim Schafer talked to ChronoWolf on Twitch for about 40 minutes about jackets, voice acting, 3D modelling, and a lot of things from his time with LucasArts and game development in general over the past 22 years.

The promotional affair is a nice intro for the upcoming Full Throttle Remastered, currently available for pre-order with and scheduled for release 18 April 2017.


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