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Outcast remake delayed - still gets debut trailer

Published: 10:44, 31 March 2017
Updated: 10:46, 31 March 2017
Outcast - Second Contact

Outcast, a 1999 voxel sprinkled cult classic was set to recieve a remake in March 2017. The release has been delayed to Fall this year, but you can now have a look at the trailer for Outcast: Second Contact.

Outcast is one of those games that released to critical acclaim but poor sales, sealing its fate as a "cult classic" with little to show for it on the monetary side of things. The IP changed hands several times over the years and the original developers have managed to get an Outcast 1.1 remaster out on Steam and sometime around 2014. A failed KickStarter launched the same year falling half-way short of its $600.000 funding goal.

Appeal Outcast - Second Contact Outcast - Second Contact

Appeal, the Beligan developer team behind the original game from 1999, isn't giving up on the project and are hard at work on a fully redone version which was supposed to release this March but was delayed into Fall 2017.

The original Outcast used a combination of ray casting and good old polygons to render its open world, while the remake will be ditching voxels entirely. The game featured a large scale open world 2 years before Grand Theft Auto III made a fortune with a similar design - back then, same as today, audiences responded better to sarcastic over the top gangster violence than to strange sci-fi themed worlds.

Appeal Outcast - Second Contact Outcast - Second Contact

The remake, carrying the title Second Contact, is set to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam sometime before the end of Autum 2017. If you missed the original release back in 1999 and feel like doing some gaming archaeology of your own, the Outcast 1.1 remaster is available with or for just under £5.


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