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Frogwares calls out Nacon for pirating their game

Published: 17:11, 02 March 2021
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The Sinking City

Lovecraftian adventure The Sinking City saw a lot of controversy since release and the developers now unveiled the way Nacon handled the Steam release which may not be legal.

Frogwares recently took to YouTube in order to publicly display the way their game is apparently being pirated by the publisher, Nacon. In the video you can see below, the devs explained the process Nacon undertook in order to put the game on Steam, the legality of which is dubious, to say the least.

The entire issue arose back in 2020 when Frogwares noted that the licensee, Nacon, failed to pay them on time on several occasions which caused a rift between the two parties, halting the release of the game on additional storefronts. 

From that point, Nacon demanded the release of source code and letting them sell the game anyway and this went to court two times, neither of which we in favour of the publisher.

The most recent controversy was the result of the publisher putting the game on Steam, without Frogwares getting their due but more importantly - without their consent.

The way this was done, according to Frogwares' analysis, is that Nacon bought a copy from Gamesplanet, hacked and cracked it and then put the modified version on Steam.

Some aspects were changed, such as the removal of the Gamesplanet logo on the opening screens and the lack of Sherlock Holmes advert, which is another Frogwares title.

All that said, Nacon are probably going to chime in on the matter with their side of the story, soon enough.

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