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The Sinking City gets a grim trailer along with a release date

Published: 09:20, 14 June 2018
Updated: 13:05, 14 June 2018
A ride trough the monster infested city of Oakmont
The Sinking City

More than 2 years in development The Sinking City finally gets a release date along with a new trailer. This open world horror game is set in 1920's and has tons of unsolved mysteries, all of which are slated for launch on 21 March 2019.

Frogware's third-person horror detective game is nearing its release and players can now see what the game is all about. It's set in 1920's America Oakmont, Massachusetts, a town whose residents are dealing with unheard-of floods.

The Sinking City has you playing as a private detective who arrives in the city amidst the disaster, encountering occultists, monsters and a big pile of mysteries. Local inhabitants are very protective of the town's occult traditions rooted in the traditions of Vikings and Indians, both of whom have resided and performed a number of rituals there.

One of the biggest features is what developers call The Sinking City's unique investigation system, giving players a certain freedom of choice by not having traditional quests. Players won't have any map markers or tips in their diary either and instead will have to go out and talk to townspeople.

With the game not being focused on combat, it does not mean there won't be any threats, it just means it won't be overwhelming. The developers wanted to focus on telling a story about solving mysteries after all.

Exploring is also a big part of The Sinking City with players using boats to traverse the flooded town of Oakmont. The choices and playing style will be up to the players. For people who can't wait to hunt monsters Frogware said, "Just remember, more often than not, our investigator is weaker than the enemy. And witnessing supernatural beings or distressing occurrences can easily trigger madness." 

Frogware Preview of the Oakmont monster infested waters The Sinkin City

As far as visual go, The Sinking City's developers seem to have made the right choice. The colour palette and light sources match the grim story and Frogware mentioned drawing inspiration for the eerie colours from professional photographer Gregory Crewdson.

The Sinking City launches on 21 March 2018 for PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4.

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