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The Sinking City devs explain the game's disappearance from multiple store fronts

Published: 13:50, 25 August 2020
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The Sinking City

The Sinking City devs Frogwares have explained how the actions of former licensee partner BigBen Interactive / Nacon has led to the delisting of The Sinking City from multiple store fronts.

The developer of horror title The Sinking City and the Sherlock Holmes video game series, Frogwares, have released a lengthy statement regarding the removal of The Sinking City from sale from several platforms. In the letter, Frogwares have accused the publisher BigBen Interactive and Nacon of not paying the royalties, amounting to roughly 1 million euros. 

"During production, BBI/Nacon was hundreds and hundreds of days behind in payments in total. Each sum due on average being 40 days late, while our milestones were always on time and approved by the licensee. We had to issue formal notices multiple times so that we were able to receive the money that was owed to us," Frogwares claim in the letter. 

Frogware A ride trough the monster infested city of Oakmont The Sinking City

Furthermore, Frogwares claim that BigBen Interactive and Nacon are falsely implying ownership of the IP. In the statement, the devs claim that once the publishers bought out a competing studio working on another Lovecraftian game, they asked from Frogwares a source code of The Sinking City, even though they do no own the IP.

"Once BBI/Nacon bought out a competing studio working on another Lovecraftian game, they dictated that we give them our source code for The Sinking City. Once again, BBI/Nacon does not own the IP – they are a licensee. They sell the game – not develop and co-create it. After we refused to comply, we stopped receiving financial contributions for over 4 months," it is written in the statement.

The full letter, with additional details and statements, can be found here.  Nacon, who are formerly known as BigBen Interactive, are yet to respond to these accusations.

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