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En Masse Entertainment have released a console launch trailer for TERA

Published: 18:05, 03 April 2018
En Masse Entertainment
Blone anime waifu with horns is looking at the screen while wearing her skimpy armour.

En Masse Entertainment have released a trailer to celebrate their launch of TERA for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, seven years after the game's PC release. It is now available as a free-to-play title with microtransactions for both consoles.

En Masse Entertainment have published a press release touting TERA as ''the definitive MMO experience'' that is ''delivering true action combat and flawless controls''. This second part seems to be emphasised enough through their pitch for console version of TERA, which hints at a possibility that a lot of time and resources were spent towards optimising the controls for consoles' gamepads.

Since TERA is an MMO game, it is obvious that controls would be hard to port from keyboard and mouse to gamepads due to the sheer amount of necessary key bindings. As it looks now, En Masse Entertainment are seeking to turn this problem into a selling point, but it remains to be seen how well they can actually execute the control scheme transition as the game only came out for consoles earlier today.

En Masse Entertainment Some anime guy is attempting to kill a monster that is about twenty times bigger than him. TERA

Matt Denomme, Senior Product Manager at En Masse Entertainment noted that ''the development team at Bluehole has taken great care to ensure that TERA on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One retains all the depth of an MMO, along with visceral action combat and an intuitive user interface''. This quote also sheds some light on the way developers handled the UI and inventory for the game, two MMO elements that tend to be overlooked at first.

TERA for consoles will have a Lock-On System that will make it easier to keep enemies in sight. This would otherwise be an issue due to gamepad restrictions, especially against Big Ass Monsters (BAM). Different classes will also have different control layouts but if players don't like the default layouts, they will be able to change them in the game's options.

En Masse Entertainment A weird, semi-metallic creature is looking at the camera. Tera

Radial Menu will be making an appearance as well, as it is the staple of console UI these days, since it allows players to use more functions on the fly, bypassing controller restrictions. The game will also feature integrated streaming support for Twitch and Mixer, in case players want to stream their playthroughs.

Since this is an MMO, communication is another problem presented for the console port but the developers have also integrated voice chat so the players can communicate easier with their party members.  

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