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TERA will have a month-long 6th anniversary event marathon

Published: 10:10, 27 April 2018
En Masse Entertainment
Player is fighting a giant monster in TERA

En Masse Entertainment have announced a month-long event marathon for TERA as a celebration for the game's sixth anniversary. The event fest will be only available on PC though, due to console versions being released only a month ago.

TERA's event marathon will kick off on 1 May 2018 with both community and game events, such as anniversary loading screen contests and double guild quest rewards. En Masse Points (EMP) and story items will be on sale for the duration of the event month, while new "mystery items of titanic proportions" will be released at the same time.

There is no clear indication what these items may be though, but they will be introduced during the third week of the event marathon, starting on Tuesday, 15 May 2018. Other takeaways include "Bigger, Better BAM" hunts that will happen during the same time period as the mystery item introduction.

Matt Denomme, the Senior Product Manager, noted that there are "no signs of stopping" even though the last few months have been hectic due to releasing the game on consoles as well as launching a major update for PC, named Godsfall. He also announced "plenty more exciting things" for TERA for the rest of 2018 and later on, which is a polite way of saying "we don't plan on abandoning the game yet".

En Masse employees will also be actively roaming the game's world and finding them on their travels will award players a scarf. While finding the employees will be rewarded for the most of the month, there are certain days this event will not be active. You can consult for more info. In order to get a scarf, players will need to ask the employees to spawn one in their inventory. The scarf will be a limited time item, so this may be the only opportunity to get it.

En Masse Entertainment Barely dressed female character in TERA is about to be reported to the authorities by a Big Ass Monster. TERA - A showcase Sorcerer's assets.

There are, however, events that will also be hosted out of the game during the anniversary month. This includes screenshot and the aforementioned loading screen art contests. 

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