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TERA's release date for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has been announced

Published: 16:22, 26 March 2018
En Masse Entertainment
Horned anime waifu posing with some angry looking guys for a TERA promotional picture.

En Masse Entertainment have announced today that TERA is coming to consoles on 3 April 2018. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will finally get a taste of the MMO, seven years after its original release for PC.

TERA will be free-to-play game with microtransactions on consoles as well, but there will be a paid version from 27 March 2018 that will let players access the game on the same day, which will mark the beggining of a week long headstart. The name of this headstart is Founder's Pack and it will cost ~£21 or 29,99$.

Back in the day, TERA was a step forward from the traditional MMOs' combat systems, introducing fast paced, skill-based combat to the game. Other action MMOs came out in the following years, but TERA is the one that started the trend. The game was originally pay-to-play with a subscription fee but converted to ''freemium'' in 2013. This model is present up to this day and will be carried over to the console version as well.

En Masse Entertainment Barely dressed female character in TERA is about to be reported to the authorities by a Big Ass Monster. TERA - A showcase Sorcerer's assets.

The Founder's Pack mentioned above will also include several in-game items, such as an exclusive mount, a pet that will serve as a pack mule, 10 loot box keys, the ''Founder'' title and 1000 EMP which is the currency that will be used in the game's shop. It's worth a mention that the mule pet and the mount will not be account-wide. They will be available for use only by the character you bind them to.

TERA previously had an Open Beta test for consoles and it was well received by both new players and veterans transitioning from the PC version. This is due to both nostalgia and the game's deep customization and combat mechanics. 

En Masse Entertainment A player is charging at a massive monster in TERA. TERA - It was at this moment that she knew. She f#!%ed up.

The game is generally well designed for both solo and group play, but I wouldn't recommend taking on without a few friends to watch your back.

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