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Fortnite's Week 6 challenges will have you vandalising posters

Published: 10:26, 04 June 2018
Two skins, one pickaxe and one glider from Fortnite

Do we really need to say where the challenges appeared first - that's right, the brave data miners who leave their wife and children to dig where no Fortnite fan has dug before to uncover the weekly challenges Epic Games have in store.

Naturally, the challenges apply only for Fortnite's Season 4 Battle Pass owners but nowhere does it say you can't tail the poor sods that do. Heck, you can consider it your own hunting pool, which changes locations weekly.

Completing a minimum of four Week 6 challenges earns you 5,000 XP and as usual, the four tasks classified as easy earn five, while hard Fortnite challenges yield 10 battle stars. Anyway, onto the challenges.

First Fortnite Week 6 challenge is opening three supply drop crates and while it shouldn't be tricky for a season veteran, here's some tips. Always assume you're being sniped. What, no shots yet? Then assume there are two of them waiting for you to stand still to blow your brains out. You're best off building a cosy little construction around the dropping place. 

Second challenge is dealing 1,000 damage to opponents so simple enough. The next Fortnite challenge is rummaging through seven chests in Loot Lake, which is probably going to require more than a single drop.

Epic Games' special offer on the Week 6 menu are posters and the company will have you vandalising, ahem, public property all across Fortnite's island. The exact challenge is spraying over "Carbide or Omega Posters".

That concludes easy challenges and the first hard one is searching between a playground, campsite and a footprint. We'll try to have a map as soon as we figure it out, seeing as how Week 6 challenges don't officially start until 07 June 2018.

SMG eliminations are again among the challenges and by now, we must commend Epic Games for pushing to . Let me make this clear - I'm not salty over shotguns but it does get a bit tiring having it as pretty much the only viable weapon in most close quarters scenarios.

AltChar Four new skins datamined from Fortnite's patch v4.3 Fortnite

The last Fortnite Week 6 challenge is eliminating three opponents in Retail Row so as usual - happy hunting. The data mine in question was traditionally done .

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