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Fortnite introduces the Heavy Shotgun to its Battle Royale mode

Published: 15:36, 23 March 2018
Epic Games
Picture of Fortnite's Heavy Shotgun on an orange background indicating its legendary status.
Fortnite - Heavy Shotgun

Where Fortnite sneezes, hype ensues. When Fortnite adds a new weapon, people go crazy. Such is the case with the newest addition to Fortnite's rotating armory - the Heavy Shotgun. Epic Games sure made an attractive beast here.

Jetpacks are still on hold, but Epic Games are sure not letting their flagship game get stale. The Heavy Shotgun should add a bit of variation to their battle royale, with its somewhat unique statistics. It is the bridge between Pump Action and Tactical shotguns.

Heavy Shotgun comes in two variations - Epic and Legendary. Both variations have a considerably lower damage than the Pump Shotgun, standing at 73,5 for Epic and 77 for Legendary, but it has better reload time and fire rate. Epic Tactical Shotgun has better DPS than Heavy Shotgun in any variation and better reload time, considering it takes the same time to fully reload it while it holds 1 shell or slug more.Heavy Shotgun's fire rate is sitting at 1 shot per second - faster than Pump but slower than Tactical.

Range of the Heavy Shotgun is supposedly higher than that of any other shotgun but players who tried it out don't seem to be to see it. Now, adding it to the roster next to the other two shotguns may prove to be a decent new strategy but it still remains to be seen. Its damage drop-off range may be lower than the other shotguns' but considering that the Pump Shotgun has 21 point higher base damage, it may not be much of a difference at higher ranges.

On the aesthetic side the shotgun itself looks great, and has a unique firing sound attached to it. Players who still haven't been able to get their hands on one but want to try it should go Chest and Supply Crate hunting as these are the only two sources of the weapon.

Epic Games Showcase of The Reaper skin from Fortnite - he looks like John Wick. Fortnite - Heavy Shotgun should look good with the ''Totally-not-John-Wick'' skin.

The shotgun made it to live servers earlier today, and as Epic Games promised - the update was seamless, as there was no downtime involved.

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