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Fortnite's E3 event will feature celebrity mashups and $3m prize

Published: 18:23, 23 May 2018
Epic Games' announcement for E3 celebrity Fortnite matches

Okay, Epic Games aren't only proficient in epic games, they seem to know their way around hyping up an event too. Fortnite's E3 will have celebrities playing against popular Fortniters for a $3 million prize, which will go to charity.

Epic said that "The Battle Bus is en-route to E3 2018 and the whole squad is coming". What they most likely are referring to are their Fortnite content creators and usual suspects Ninja, Myth, Pokimane, Markiplier and Gotaga.

As for the celebrity side of things, we're looking at a roster of Marshmello, Paul George, Desiigner, Joel McHale and Demetrious Johnson. Note that neither of these lists are final, as Epic are planning on adding many more in the following days.

With E3 taking place in Los Angeles, most probably the celebrity capitol of the world, we're confident Epic won't be short of names to bring to the showdown. Moreover, Fortnite's stellar popularity and the nature of the event make so much sense that we're sure we'll see plenty more. You know, if they're not busy on the set or whatever.

The charity will of course be chosen by the winner and since Fortnite matches simply cannot not be fun, we're in for a treat. Viewership shouldn't be lacking either, what with Ninja's and ' appearances setting already setting a pretty high bar for Twitch and YouTube acts to follow.

Note that the $3 million we're talking about here are not part of the $100 million Epic have planned for Fortnite's . The company are obviously dead set on making Fortnite a competitive juggernaut as much as it seems to be a casual gaming outlet for just about the entire world.

Epic Games Weapons available in Fortnite's limited time mode Solid Gold Fortnite Gold Mode v2

We've got to admit though, seeing the likes of Epic Games and making a difference is most certainly a welcome trend. Video games, once having been considered an immature pastime, have grown into an industry to behold and it's great seeing that these giant companies haven't lost their human touch. Well. One of them at least.

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