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Port-a-Fortress is coming to Fortnite: Battle Royale soon

Published: 10:13, 17 September 2018
Feralidragon, Reddit
Legendary Port-a-Fort concept in Fortnite's creative mode
Legendary Port-a-Fort, creative concept by Feralidragon

Epic Games' fresh in-game announcement of Port-a-Fortress hasn't gone down without a data mine that foretold its coming, although since it's Fortnite's announcement that has been mined, we're still in the dark on what exactly we're getting.

Strangely enough, 20 minutes before Epic officially announced Port-a-Fortress, user called Feralidragon posted his own vision of legendary Port-a-Fort made in creative mode. The photo above is actually his work, not Epic's, even though it wasn't long until he was accused of being the company's employee, which he denies.

The man incorporated bounce tyres and jump pads as well, not to mention an intricate web of easily accessible rooms and windows. Ultimately, it's a pretty clever Fortnite construction and players who aren't very keen on building would probably find it to be a dream come true.

Nevertheless, Fortnite's real Port-a-Fortresses are likely to be simpler than this, because no grenade should grant you this sort of instant power at your disposal. Port-A-Forts ended up much simpler than what we expected at the time too, so perhaps we should expect something along the lines of four Port-a-Forts combined?

Fortnite's splash screen only says "Coming Soon" and "take defence to new heights" so at least we know we should be getting more elevation compared to regular Port-a-Forts. Either way, we should know soon enough because when Epic say soon, it's usually a week at most.

In related news, Epic are continuing their Skirmish series, with Fortnite's Fall Skirmish commencing this weekend. The prize pool is $10 million and the series will last for six weeks, concluding with Twitchcon in October 2018.

Epic revealed that Fall Skirmish wil be including competitive and entertainment play formats alike, some of which should find their way into Fortnite's large scale events in 2019. Either way, expect to see as much competitiveness as much as just pure fun in the upcoming months.

Epic Games Epic's announcement of Fortnite's Port-a-Fortress Fortnite, It's coming alright

You can find Feralidragon's intricately woven Port-a-Fort facility . Details on Fortnite's Fall Skirmish series of events can be found .

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