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Fortnite Week 9 challenges leaked, data miners strike back

Published: 10:37, 26 June 2018
Epic Games
Fortnite pickaxe on a blue background.
Fortnite - DISCLAIMER: Opt-in will not prevent you from getting hacked by this weapon of mass deforestation.

It's actually becoming interesting to witness an ongoing fight between Epic Games and data miners, who've mined most of Season 4's weekly challenges so far. For a moment there it seemed as if Epic had a handle on things. Guess not.

It appears that our last week's statement of Epic Games sticking it to data miners was in fact incorrect, as FortniteTracker seems to still be digging up plenty of challenges. It's time for Season 4  Week 9 set of challenges for Fortnite Battle Pass holders and as has already become customary, the first four are easy and earn five stars each.

First up is dealing 500 explosive weapon damage to enemies, so simple enough, even if you go for grenades. Next up is searching seven chests in Moisty Mire, which may take a few drops now that the world and its Battle Pass holding dog are after them. Also, you may want to watch out for , which is rumoured to be aimed at Moisty Mire.

Using a shopping cart is Fortnite's third challenge, suggesting that Epic will be either un-suspending the buggy vehicle, or simply changing the challenge altogether. The company's back on 20 June 2018 suggested that the gimmick is plagued by ongoing issues.

The last easy Fortnite challenge is visiting three different taco shops, for which we've still got our initial map. It should still be good though, despite being outdated. What can you do, the industry's booming.

Next up are three Season 4 Week 9 challenges classified as hard, even though we know they're not, that yield 10 stars each. Searching between movie titles is the first challenge, for which we'll have to do a bit of looking as well. The second two are four shotgun eliminations and fragging three opponents in Anarchy Acres.

Epic Locations of Taco shops in Fortnite's Week 8 challenges Fortnite: Battle Royale

It looks as if Epic Games will have to tighten their security even further if they're to shoo away those pesky data miners, although we really don't mind. Hopefully, they don't end up like the poor talkative sod, whose friend's leaking of Fortnite's comet hasn't had .

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