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Fortnite going full childhood mode with The Floor is Lava LTM

Published: 20:29, 25 March 2019
Epic Games
Fortnite, Season 8

As announced in Fortnite's in-game splash screens, Epic's next mode for the popular battle royale is called The Floor is Lava LTM, the dev's take of the seemingly globally universal children's game of the same name, with a firepower twist.

Yeah, back when we were trying to escape imaginary lava spilling across your room's floor, there was no firepower involved, which won't be the case with Fortnite's new limited time mode.

"Get to high ground or build above the lava that's overtaking the island", Epic said in the in-game announcement, which is practically everything we know so far.

Basically, not only will you be limited horizontally by Fortnite's closing circles, you'll have another threat from below to worry about. Let's just hope that it doesn't prove to be as sniper-friendly as it currently sounds. 

The accompanying image shows two characters on a tower, fighting off the onslaught of others escaping lava, so we're most likely not looking at a solo mod, but rather Duos.

Naturally, anything other than what Epic wrote is just speculation so do take these with a grain of salt. Either way, we should know soon enough as these announcements usually don't take a lot of time.

On a side note, Epic have recently posted a lengthy list of changes that are coming with Fortnite's 8.20 update, including the likes of freak Clinger damage application through walls, fixed field of view on 21:9 devices, Pirate Cannon's occasional reversal of shooting direction and a bunch of others that are too lengthy to list.

You can check out the list of Fortnite 8.20 potential bug fixes on Reddit , or report new ones, which should be promptly taken care of by Epic's development team. 

Epic Games Fortnite, Season 8
Fortnite, Season 8

If you're more interested in Fortnite Creative, you should know that Epic recently posted a contest on the best work being awarded with a spot in Fortnite, as a limited time mode, as well as enlisting the author in Support A Creator program, which could earn you a pretty penny.

You can find out more on that .

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Fortnite, Season 8

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