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Fortnite fans are calling a board game shop to resolve problems

Published: 15:45, 15 May 2018
Epic Games
Fortnite character is facepalming at the failure of the game's community

Epic Games' surprise blockbuster Fortnite is now causing headaches for owners and employees of a board game shop called Epic Loot Games. Fans are calling the shop via phone in order to complain about in-game issues present in Fortnite.

Fortnite is taking the world by storm, no pun intended, and it's visible in the way NBA players are as they celebrate or how celebrities play the game with Ninja. In face, the game has grown so much that not even game stores are safe from its influence anymore.

Epic Loot Games store from Ohio has been receiving calls over and over again, aggravating the store's assistant manager Hunter Davies. He has been stuck with phone calls from enraged Fortnite players who presumably found the store's number on the internet and didn't bother checking if there's a difference between Epic Games and Epic Loot Games.

One such incident involved a kid between nine and 16 years old who started yelling "Fix your fucking game, fix your servers!" and then hung up on Davies. Similar calls kept happening in the future, with their numbers increasing as Fortnite's popularity increased. This in turn made Davies not play Fortnite "out of spite", thanks to the misguided customer support calls.

When Drake played Fortnite in squad with Ninja on livestream, Fortnite's popularity exploded further, and so did the pointless calls to Epic Loot Games. The store was in the middle of a Magic: The Gathering event when it got swarmed with Fortnite-related calls. The employees decided to start tallying the inquiries, resulting in the final count of 130 wrong calls. Well, I guess now we know why Epic Games don't have a live phone support for any Fortnite-related problems.

AltChar Fortnite player skin mockingly presented as university graduate Fortnite

The night of Ninja and Drake's stream wasn't the end of torment for Davies and his colleagues, as children kept calling even from their mothers' phones which further escalated in one case when the mother took the phone back mid-call. More details on that can be found in with Kotaku.

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