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Fortnite's current player cap may be increased in future updates

Published: 22:21, 16 April 2018
Epic Games
Player dropping in Fortnite
Fortnite - Imagine this, but like 200 times more people.

Epic Games' lead developer, Eric Williamson, has shared some thoughts about a game mode with increased player cap. He also mentioned combining PvE and PvP modes, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, until respawn do them part.

Epic Games may be looking to expand the potential new game mode's player cap in order to directly compete with before the latter even gets a chance to be released. Fortnite would quickly scoop the potential new market and inflate its already massive player base.

What Lead Designer Eric Williamson stated in his interview with PlayStation Magazine is that the team would love to try out increasing the player cap, but that they do not see it happening in the near future because of technical reasons. 

Epic Games Showcase of The Reaper skin from Fortnite - he looks like John Wick. Fortnite - Heavy Shotgun should look good with the ''Totally-not-John-Wick'' skin.

What is interesting is that the Lead Designer talked about Epic Games looking into mixing the two game modes, Save the World and Battle Royale, into one. By combining PvP and PvE we could get a polished version of the old DayZ mod. The company could also be pandering to as many different audiences as possible in an attempt to increase player base.

What Williamson as an issue for the combination of the two modes is that Battle Royale is a short 15-20 minute game which resets with each new match, while Save The World is an RPG experience which lasts longer. The PvE game mode also has progressive elements and separate character classes to it. 

Epic Games Zombies in Fortnite in an alley Fortnite - Cause this is thriller...

He stated that in the case the mode was released, players favour the classes with smaller hitboxes to give themselves an edge over their opponents. The team believes limited time game modes are the perfect place to test things out with players.

Who knows, the possibility of a 100v100 game mode or a 200 free-for-all might not be just dreams, but let's remember the age-old proverb of: "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should."

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